Legal services fee

The fee for legal services provided differs for each client depending on the content and scope of legal services and the client’s time requirements.

Legal services fee

Hourly rate

CZK 1,500 – 6,000

My hourly rate usually ranges from CZK 1,500 to CZK 6,000, depending on the nature and complexity of the case and the client’s time requirements. I bill the actual time spent on the case (not partial half hours or hours ). VAT is added to the reward at the legal rate.

Fixed fee

Fixed amount

In certain cases, a fixed fee can be arranged for the whole case, regardless of the time and amount of work actually performed (e.g. for drafting a contract, transfer of real estate, escrow, establishment of a company, implementation of a public contract, etc.).

Flat rate

Monthly fee

If you require regular legal services, a flat monthly fee for a certain number of hours can be arranged at a discounted hourly rate.

Contingency fee

Fee in %

In some cases, a fee determined by a percentage of the value or result of the case can be arranged.

Additional information about my fee

I bill my legal fees transparently. I regularly inform my clients of performed legal services. My clients always know what they are paying for, so they won’t be surprised when they receive the bill.

To ensure that I receive my fee and to establish mutual trust, I usually ask clients for a reasonable advance payment.

In extremely difficult or time-consuming cases, the hourly rate can be increased up to three times. The client is always informed about this fact in advance.

If no fee is arranged, the solicitor’s fee shall be governed by the provisions on non-contractual remuneration pursuant to the Regulation of the Ministry of Justice no. 177/1996 Coll., on fees and remuneration of lawyers for the provision of legal services (the Lawyer’s Tariff), as amended.

osobní přístup advokáta

A personal, human approach

You can be sure that I will take care of you personally. My client's trust in me is a fundamental pillar of a functioning legal practice.
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Sensible solutions

I try to find solutions that make sense for you economically and intrinsically.

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24/7 availability

I know that sometimes you need to deal with things immediately. I'm always available, whether you need me in the evening, on the weekend or on a public holiday.

For further information about my legal services please don´t hesitate to contact me.

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Legal services fee